Who We Are

“A global coalition of health and safety advocates committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to poor air quality in aircraft.”

“The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE), established in 2006, is the leading organization representing air crew (pilots, cabin crew and engineers), off shore oil workers and consumers, that deals specifically with contaminated air issues and cabin air quality. We represent 29 organizations, and over three quarters of a million workers around the world.

The primary purpose of the GCAQE is to effect the changes in the aviation industry that are necessary to prevent crewmembers, passengers and ground workers exposed to turbine emissions from being exposed to oil and hydraulic fluid in the ventilation air supplied to the cabin and flight deck.

We are the credible, unified voice of airline workers, engineers and consumers regarding the hazards posed by exposure to contaminated ventilation supply air on aircraft. We offer practical tools to assist our member unions, and we connect our members across the globe to work together to prevent exposure to toxic fumes on aircraft.

Why Join the GCAQE

1. Flight safety being compromised – No detection systems are fitted to aircraft despite numerous air accident boards recommending they be introduced.
2. Crew health is being compromised – Crews losing their careers and health.
3. Regulations such as 14 CFR/CS 25.831 not being met or enforced.
4. High Court of Australia ruled in 2010 inhaling heated engine oils is harmful.
5. Under reporting of events is widespread and acknowledged by the FAA and EASA.
6. Crews remain uninformed.
7. Majority of medical research in this field instigated by the GCAQE.
8. Oil manufacturer states exposure can have harmful effects. United Nations chemical hazard classification system lists many hazardous effects with exposure.
9. Industry lobby groups actively ensure the issue remains unaddressed.
10. Industry planning working environment guideline without union input, only the GCAQE and its members are trying to stop this.
11. The issue is six decades old.
12. Cost effective international representation through low membership fees.
13. Attend annual members meeting and receive regular newsletters etc…
14. Only as a global coalition can this issue be resolved – join today.

United, we are stronger, so please join us. Contact the GCAQE Administrator for a membership application or for more information.

GCAQE Executive Board

The GCAQE is made up of an Executive Board of seven elected by the membership.

GCAQE Head of Research

Dr. Susan Michaelis PhD, ATPL – Former Australian pilot. Over 5000 hours flying experience. PhD in ‘Safety Sciences’ from UNSW in Sydney entitled ‘Health and Flight Safety Implications From Exposure to Contaminated Air in Aircraft.

GCAQE Working Groups

The GCAQE has a number of working groups that include Safety and Technical, Health and Science, Education and Communication, Regulatory and Legal

Our Address

c/o GCAQE Co-Chairman Captain Tristan Loraine
Office 2,
The Courtyard
30 Worthing Road
West Sussex
RH12 1SL

Phone: +44 7968 213862
E-Mail: gcaqe@gcaqe.org