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Did you know?

  • Cabin breathing air on all aircraft apart from the Boeing 787 is taken directly from the engines and provided unfiltered to the aircraft. This is known as ‘Bleed Air’.
  • Bleed air is known to become contaminated with engine oils and/or hydraulic fluids…
  • Contaminated bleed air events have been recognised as occurring since the 1950s.
  • No aircraft currently flying has any form of detection system fitted to warn when these events occur.
  • Flight safety is being compromised by contaminated air events.
  • Crew and passengers have been reporting short and long term health effects as a consequence of exposure to contaminated air.
  • Contaminated air events are not rare and known to be under reported.
  • The GCAQE is the lead international organisation attempting to address these matters on behalf of aircrew worldwide.

Members of the GCAQE include: