Long Term Health Effects

Neurotoxic symptoms: numbness (fingers, lips, limbs), parathesias;

Neuropsychological or psychotoxic symptoms: memory impairment, forgetfulness, lack of coordination, severe headaches, dizziness balance, sleep disorders;

Gastro-intestinal symptoms: salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea;

Respiratory symptoms: breathing difficulties (shortness of breath), tightness in chest, respiratory failure, susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections;

Cardiovascular symptoms: chest pain, increased heart rate and palpitations;

Skin symptoms: skin itching and rashes, skin blisters (on uncovered body parts), hair loss;

Irritation of eyes, nose and upper airways;

Sensitivity: signs of immunosuppression, chemical sensitivity leading to acquired or multiple chemical sensitivity

General: weakness and fatigue (leading to chronic fatigue), exhaustion, hot flashes, joint pain, muscle weakness and pain.

Other symptoms are being reported by crew and passengers